City expands water treatment facilities to meet growth


Courtesy of Filtronics, Incorporated

The City of Coon Rapids, Minnesota recently completed the expansion and upgrade of its East and West Water Treatment facilities. Production at the plants was increased by 66% at the East Plant and 40% at the West Plant to bring the total design capacity to 22.3 million gallons per day. New filters, additional backwash water reclaim capacity, chemical feed systems, and new control systems for plant operations and telemetry were included in the projects.

Like many municipalities, the City of Coon Rapids faced a variety of decisions in planning for the treatment of iron and manganese found in the majority of their wells. A comprehensive water system study favored the use of common, centrally located plants versus multiple satellite plants. Choosing the treatment method involved an extensive review including site visits for different filtration technologies. City personnel and their consulting engineers traveled to California to visit several Filtronics installations and their manufacturing facilities.

Ultimately, the City of Coon Rapids chose Filtronics Electromedia I filtration technology for their East and West Treatment plants. The facilities with capacities of 4000 and 7000 gpm, respectively, were installed in 1991. After 15 years of service, each plant was expanded to 6000 and 10,500 gpm, respectively. The original design left space on each of the sites to allow for the physical expansion.

Two new Filtronics’ Electromedia I filters for iron and manganese were installed at each facility to add to the existing Electromedia filters put into service in 1991. Each of the filters is designed to run at 10 gallons per minute per square foot.

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