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City of Groningen – going for sustainable


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The city of Groningen, counting over 180,000 inhabitants is the largest city of the northern provinces of the Netherlands. The city is known for its lovely architecture, its vibrant nightlife and many cultural destinations. And lately the city wants to be known as well for its ambition to become Holland’s most sustainable city.

Energy saving is the most effective way to obtain sustainability, not to mention the most profitable way. The first challenge the city was up against was getting their ‘energy bookkeeping’ in order. Through a vast project almost all of the city’s one thousand energy meters were replaced by ‘smart meters’. This meant a system was required to handle tens of thousands of meter readings. Preferably the same system would be able to handle the hundreds of invoices city officials had to battle with on a daily basis. The city’s wishes for an M&T system were:

  1. Setting up asset management to keep track of approximately 1,500 meters;
  2. Automatic processing of 15-minute data for energy analysis and ultimately energy saving;
  3. Processing energy e-bills and automatic validation to save on energy costs and man hours.

The Solution

Setting up asset management and invoice validation for this number of energy meters was a project of unequalled proportions never performed before in the Netherlands. Fortunately it was possible making use of the eSight M&T software which has already proved its worth worldwide. Setting up a complex IT structure and still keeping it user friendly is always the challenge for such projects, but this has proven to be one of the key benefits of using the intuitive webbased eSight software.

The number 100,000 kept recurring in this project. There are about 100,000 invoice lines to be checked, in all there are about 100.000 data fields in the asset database and over 100,000 meter readings are processed each day!

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