City of Montebello Sewer Master Planning Utilizing Innovative GIS Solutions

City of Montebello wanted to implement a comprehensive sewer master plan. At the same time they wanted to embark on implementing a GIS program. The solution was to combine the two and utilize the power and versatility of GIS as the core technology for performing the sewer master plan. In this paper we will show how the City accomplished its primary objectives which included:
  • Modernizing its sewer system mapping by scanning and creating digital copies of its existing sewer maps
  • Developing a GIS based sewer map compatible with the City’s existing Arcview based basemap
  • Performing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection of selected line segments
  • Identifying areas of current system capacity deficiencies, if any, and areas of necessary upgrades or new systems based upon future growth and development as anticipated by the General Plan
  • Identifying a timeframe, based on priority, and the cost of maintaining, repairing, replacing, upgrading, and installing of new sewer system improvements based upon the growth forecast and condition, age, and capacity of existing sewer lines
  • Identifying funding mechanisms and strategies for the maintenance, repair, replacement, upgrade, and installation of sewer system improvements

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