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City of Park City – Utah, USA - Case Study


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In order to better understand the condition of their buried pipeline network and proactively address potential water loss issues, the city of Park City, Utah engaged Xylem in creating a condition assessment program utilizing acoustic and transient pressure monitoring.

While the Park City Municipal Corporation set a goal for Park City to become the “The Best Resort Town in America,” its relatively small Public Utilities Department is also gaining accolades for its forward-thinking approach to leak detection and to addressing water loss in a city which receives about half as much rainfall as the national average. The city chiefly relies on melting snow to recharge the groundwater system, and the next viable source is much more expensive. The city also realized that rapid residential and commercial developments near Park City are placing increased demands on groundwater resources — and as the population swells, more expensive water sources will have to be pursued.


Jason Christensen serves as Water Resources Manager for Park City, which has more than 120 miles of pipe in its distribution network. Many of the pipes are more than 60 years old and are covered in mineral soil that is corrosive in nature. By reviewing SCADA and Sensus AMI consumption data, as well as results from a previous leak detection survey, Christensen was aware of leaks in their system that attributed to a loss of 100 GPM.

Park City engaged Xylem to deploy their intelligent sensor hardware and monitoring solutions as part of a condition assessment program to understand their system and reduce non-revenue water. The project involved monitoring 6 pressure zones and reporting on anomalies such as leaks and bursts and identifying assets that are likely to fail through predictive analytics.

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