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City of Santa Monica Airport Watershed Management Plan


The City of Santa Monica implements best management practices (BMPs) to address urban stormwater runoff and uses a “hierarchy” of BMPs to prioritize implementation based on the principles of protecting public safety and the environment, maximizing environmental benefits, and minimizing costs. The hierarchy of BMPs includes the following (in order of priority): 1) harvesting, treating, and reusing runoff for landscape watering and/or indoor use; 2) harvesting and infiltration, where appropriate; and 3) treatment and release, back into the storm drain system.

With involvement from City stakeholders, a list of possible BMPs to manage the watershed’s runoff has been identified and narrowed to a list of ten items to be analyzed for site specific feasibility.

In a time when compliance with water quality regulations continues to challenge municipalities, the Santa Monica Airport Watershed Management Plan provides an effective approach for site specific watershed planning.


BMPs, Watershed Management Plan, Santa Monica, Airport, receiving waters, Bacterial TMDLs

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