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Courtesy of HESCO Bastion, Inc.

Location  Slidell, LA
Unit  C-3315 and C-4315
Project  Retaining wall

The beauty of living in waterfront areas comes with the danger of floods from seasonal hurricanes and tropical storms. It is important, therefore, to build above the designated flood-elevation plain. A product is sometimes needed to elevate a property, by use of mass-gravity retaining walls.

At the site in Slidell, LA, the land elevation was 11.5 feet above sea level; however, flood insurance required a base elevation of +14 feet. Concertainer units were used to elevate the land where the home was to be built.

Four-feet Concertainer units were used, with an additional front row of two-feet units. Strong back units were also implemented, to assist in stabilization.

The project was built three weeks before Hurricane Katrina, surviving the storm without damage, despite the huge storm surge and battering from debris.

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