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CLAarhus University Hosptal fought aganist Legionella bacteria - and won Case Study


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Legionella bacteria thrives in all hot-water supplies and Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov felt the problem firsthand. With the
ECA generator from Danish Clean Water A/S they managed to significantly reduce the bacteria and thereby minimizing risks concerning Legionella.


Virtually all hospitals, nursing homes, schools, sporting facilities, housing associations and even hotels have the occurrence of Legionella - many of them without knowing - as Legionella normally will show no sign of its presence and do no harm towards humans
with reasonably good health. The Legionella bacteria are lead in through the water supplies for potable drinking water, which is natural.

The real problem however, arises when it gets into the hot-water supplies where temperatures between 25 - 45° C is just the right breeding ground for the bacteria to massively propagate, involving a major risk for different cases of illness. NEUTHOX® is highly efficient for fighting Legionella in hot-water supplies, confirmed by several successfully, already existing installations of the ECA generator from DCW. Furthermore it can present great cost savings seeing as you will often be able to lower the hot-water temperature.
Danish Clean Water A/S is a manufacturer of ECA generators and has marketed the generator for more than 5 years, has sold to more than 20 countries through local partnerships and has thereby gained significant market power.

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