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CLARA risk screening tool for local authorities; part IIA prioritisation


Courtesy of ESI Consulting Ltd

Client: Conestoga Rovers & Associates

Services: Scientific software development, data management, prioritisation service

Summary: ESI was commissioned to develop a commercial version of CLARA compatible with ArcView 8.1 and to provide up to 5 years of customer support to local authorities.     

CLARA was developed as a desktop risk-screening tool designed to help local authorities manage their responsibilities under Part IIA.  It was originally designed by Conestoga Rovers & Associates as an extension product to ESRI’s ArcView 3.1 GIS system.  CLARA is primarily used to assess the potential environmental risks posed by a site that has been under a contaminative land use at some time in the past.  CLARA imposes a rigid, traceable and defensible screening procedure on each site under consideration.  The output of the risk-screening tool is a score that reflects the risk posed by the site based on a thorough assessment of the Source-Pathway-Receptor linkages.  Each site score is then compared to the others and ranked according to the value of the score.  Sites with a higher score demonstrate a higher potential environmental risk. 
In 2002, ESI was commissioned to upgrade CLARA’s ArcView interface to be compatible with the latest software releases from ESRI and Microsoft. The CLARA upgrade included the following tasks:

  • Assess and document existing CLARA software
  • ArcGIS Interface (ArcGIS 8.1)
  • Enable compatibility of the software with different databases (including  Microsoft Access 2000)
  • Enable software to use different GIS systems
  • Enable multiuser environment
  • Provide Microsoft Word reporting capability
  • Provide CLARA support for up to five years to 14 local authorities

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