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Clarification for vaccines


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Clarification for vaccines – the economic and efficient removal of cell debris and negatively charged molecules with FILTRODISC BIO SD and FILTRODISC R2U depth filter modules.

The purification of vaccines is a critical step during their complex production process. Cells and cell debris, as well as unwanted contaminants such as host cell proteins (HCPs) and nucleic acids need to be removed, while ensuring an optimal product yield. FILTROX offers a variety of filtration solutions to meet the specific needs for vaccine clarification.

A well-established and efficient technology is alluvial (or body feed) filtration with filter aids such as diatomaceous earth. Lenticular filter modules (FILTRODISC) can be easily applied to combine the exceptional filtration capacity of filter aids with the advantages of using an enclosed filter housing (DISCSTAR).

To further optimize pharmaceutical processes, the single use filter modules FILTRODISC BIO SD for alluvial filtration and FILTRODISC™ R2U (Ready2Use) for standard depth filtration of less turbid fluids are the best solution for eliminating cross-contamination risks and reducing cleaning validation efforts. This technology is easy to implement and linear scalable from lab to production.

Clarification for vaccines

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