Class A Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Settling Time Reduced From Twelve Hours to 30 minutes!

This facility receives and treats oily wastewater from industrial clients. The water is treated with an initial oil/water separator, collected in a reaction tank where Floccin-J is used at a dosage of 325 lbs/18,000 gallons, then dewatered using a filter press. The results of the preliminary tests with just Floccin-J are shown below:

General Analysis (units in mg/L)

  Untreated Treated %Removal
BOD 14,100 5,190 63.2%
TDS 3,600 3,650 Negligible

Class A Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility




Total Toxic Organics, EPA Method 8260B (all units in ppb)

  Untreated Treated %Removal
1,4-Dichlorobenzene 181 ND >99%
Ethyl benzene 168 ND >99%
Toluene 3,530 19 99.5%

Total Threshold Limit Concentration, TTLC (all units in ppm)

  Untreated Treated %Removal
Antimony ND ND N/A
Arsenic .032 ND >99%
Barium 5.64 ND >99%
Beryllium ND ND N/A
Cadmium .141 ND >99%
Chromium, Total 2.65 .025 99%
Cobalt .169 .036 79%
Copper 10.2 .047 99.5%
Lead 4.51 .015 99.7%
Mercury ND ND N/A
Molybdenum 4.79 1.41 70.6%
Nickel 3.05 .436 85.7%
Selenium ND ND N/A
Silver .039 ND >99%
Thallium ND ND N/A
Vanadium .167 ND >99%
Zinc 74.1 .645 99.1%


Class A Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility Jar Test

The picture of the treated and untreated water shows a drastic improvement over the previous coagulant/flocculant chemistry. The value of the Floccin-J is the increased throughput in the facilities operation. Their previous process required a 12hour settling time to be able to start the decanting process. They now can start decanting in 30 minutes. Integrated Engineers, Inc is providing assistance in helping with adding equipment and processes to reuse part of the treated wastewater and meet stringent discharge limitations as a disposal option.

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