Claus Tailgas Cleanup


Courtesy of Merichem Company

In 1997, Western Gas Resources selected the LO-CAT® process to treat the amine acid gas generated in their Pinnacle Gas Processing plant located in Tennessee Colony, TX. When the facility’s processing demand exceeded the LO-CAT capacity (2 LTPD of sulfur), Western Gas installed another LO-CAT unit having a capacity of 7 LTPD. In the summer of 2000, Western Gas once again forecasted that future processing requirements would dramatically exceed the sulfur removal capacities of both LO-CAT units combined. Western Gas met this challenge by installing an acid gas enrichment unit, a 40 LTPD, 2 stage Claus unit and a hydrolysis unit. The effluent gas from the hydrolysis unit was then directed to the 7 LTPD LO-CAT unit.

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