Clean air and fast return to operation


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Zero styrene in the Renovation of Industrial Processing plants and Storage tanks

Renovation without hassle

In industrial processing and chemical storage plants the continuity of operation is of major importance. Plant downtime may have significant financial implications. Also equipment breakdown may negatively affect plant safety as in many cases dangerous chemicals are involved.

When old equipment needs renovation, this needs to happen fast, in a clean way, and preferably with the least hassle!

The Case Sustainable tank repair

Tanksystems and DSM have worked together to develop the renovation solution for repairing corroded steel tanks in chemicals storage parks.

The Solution Zero styrene resin Atlac Premium 100

Using zero styrene Atlac Premium 100 resins to renovate steel tanks resulted in significantly improved working conditions for the operators compared with using the traditional styrenecontaining resins. They were delighted to work in a cleaner and safer environment with less protective gear.

In addition, the renovation job continued without major interruptions as the actual emission levels are far below the accepted exposure limits (particularly for jobs performed in confined spaces). This reduces the downtime of the equipment under renovation, having an immediate positive effect on plant earnings.

The procedure to obtain permits was simplified, as the flammability and explosion risks normally associated with styrene are simply not there in a styrene free resin work site!

The great resistance to organic solvents of the Atlac Premium 100 resin ensures equipment durability for years to come.

Key Benefits

  • Zero styrene emissions
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Happier workers at the job site
  • Reduced work interruptions
  • Simplified permitting procedures
  • Time and cost efficiency

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