Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project in Ecuador


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type      HOFGAS®-Ready/C 2000
Performance      2,000 Nm³/h, 10,000 kW
Location      Zambiza (EC)

The landfill is located near Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Since 1979 five million tonnes of domestic refuse has been deposited. After successful degassing trials, it was established that the refuse site has ideal conditions for emission trading. As part of the Kyoto Protocol, Green Gas Germany submitted the PDD (Project Design Document) for acknowledgement and registration.

The Zámbiza Project is bringing a host of positive outcomes for the Quito region. Explosions of methane gas or fires at the refuse site and the environment are prevented, as are harmful effects on health on the local residents from gas emissions, where these were earlier allowed to escape unrestrained. At the same time, technology and know-how are being transferred to the region through foreign investment capital.
Technical Requirements

  • Observance of UNFCC Methodology regulations
  • High temperature combustion at 1,000-1,200°C and residence time ≥ 0.3s
  • Volume flow 2'000 Nm³/h
  • Pressure increase for flow
  • Precise logging of operating data within framework of Kyoto Protocol

Utilisation of HOFGAS®- Ready/C degassing plant with the HOFGAS®- Efficiency high temperature flare.

Integration of high-grade measuring systems for establishing actual operating data.
Client’s Benefits

  • Profits from emission trading
  • Improved quality of life for local residents
  • Enhanced safety standards at refuse site
  • Transfer of technology and know-how to region through foreign investment capital
  • Long service life of plant
  • Low maintenance

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