Clean Technology: The Answer for Washington`s Low Carbon Future


Courtesy of Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC)

The emerging clean technology economy in Washington provides a unique opportunity to drive economic
development and create high paying jobs while reducing the state’s fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Emerging research and studies reveal that greater use of renewable energy systems provides an abundance of economic benefits through job creation, investments in creative technologies and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. This can also lead to increased price stability, rural economic development, and assist in energy security for the state and region.

A combination of policy leadership, economic incentives, and an emphasis on climate change prevention is needed to further catalyze the clean technology industry and to enable Washington to become the next Silicon Valley around clean

The focus of this report is to outline ways to triple the number of clean technology jobs in Washington, while at the same time delivering oil savings and greenhouse gas reductions to the state. The goal is to highlight the most promising clean energy technologies, describe how they can stimulate Washington’s economy, and identify actions (through both incentives and regulations) to promote market development in these industries. Please note that although tidal power and fuel cells are emerging technologies, neither is covered in the scope of this report.

Clean technology industries such as biofuels, solar energy, wind energy, vehicle electrification, smart energy, energy
efficiency, and biological sequestration keep energy dollars in the state, encourage investment and R&D, and promote the sale of Washington state products, services, and technologies. By integrating the multiple benefits each industry has in terms of economic development, job creation, oil savings, and GhG reduction, a coordinated effort can be created across industries to broaden the scope of investment, develop clean tech industry clusters, push for a favorable regulatory environment, and lead to a better engaged public.

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