Cleaning effect of Cetamine V217 in municipal housing complex treatment - Case Study


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Cleaning effect of Cetamine treatment

Cetamine, boiler, heating system, cleaning, municipal housing

This case study is based on an application in a municipal housing complex. The steam is used to heating buildings on a campus.

The boilers got very little attention from the onsite staff. The softener was not working properly. The blown down was logged daily but no analysis of the water was done. The system is running 5-6 months per year and then just shut-down. It was not treated during shut down and not drained.

When the system started up at the beginning of a new heating season, the lines were full of corrosion and scale and it took a month to clear up the water.

The heat transfer was reduced and the system was showing a big wear.

Technical data:
Type of boiler: Fire tube boiler
Boiler pressure: 2 bar
Make-up: softened water
Return of condensate: 65-90%


  • Improvement of the service to ensure proper use of softener
  • Reduction of corrosion and scale formation
  • Cleaning of boiler in order to reduce the scale and improve heat transfer

A good service was the basis for the treatment concept. With this a proper operation of the softener could be achieved. As chemical treatment Cetamine V217 was dosed in the system.

Cetamine V217 is an all-organic product to prevent corrosion in steam boilers by formation of a protective film on metal surfaces. Due to its distribution ratio between gas and liquid phase, Cetamine V217 also protects steam and condensate lines.

Cetamine V217 prevents scale formation in boilers by stabilizing and dispersing hardness and deposits. Due to these properties it can also clean boilers from existing scale and corrosion products.

In a first test period one boiler was treated with Cetamine to monitor the treatment success.

The service provided improved the water quality as the softener is now running properly.

The corrosion and scale formation was completely prevented. The water in the boiler cleared up in a few weeks.

The very high amount of existing scale could be eliminated nearly completely.

All the boilers are now treated with Cetamine V217.

Courtesy of Guardian CSC, York, PA

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