Cleanroom Monitoring and Alarming Using a DAQ and Control System



CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a Cleanroom Monitoring and Alarming application in a major hospital which needed a data acquisition and control system to record extensive cleanroom measurement data including pressure, temperature, air humidity and particle counts at various measuring points. Users also needed the system to control the cleanroom alarm horns and ‘traffic’ lights indicating current door lock status, running on user-friendly analysis and control software which could setup a secure measurement database storing all logged values.

CAS DataLoggers provided the hospital with a Delphin TopMessage data logger which now records all the data and files it in a measurement database for long-term archiving. Most of the system works independently, performing data recording, storing values in the internal memory, generating limits, and operating the traffic lights and horns.

The high-performance computer Raid-System provides a high degree of failure safety for the system parts running on a Windows PC. A computer visualizes all the signals, and Delphin’s ProfiSignal software package forms the visualization basis, serving as the foundation on which the Frontend (illustrations and reports) is prepared. As an integral part of ProfiSignal, the DataService controls and manages all users, databases, alarm management and data exchange between the DAQ device and visualization.

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