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“We are happy with problems!”, claimed Huub Kerssens. After a short silence from our side in response to this statement, he continued: “This implies that everything is in motion and thus that the implementation is continuing. An implementation without ‘errors’actually never happens.”As an organisation you must always retain feeling. If an implementation runs without problems, sooner or later in the trajectory it will appear clear that it was not properly thought through in the first place or that no real decisions were made.”At Spaarnelanden an adjusted method of working has been maintained for the implementation, a pragmatic approach with short lines. Between the project group and the work groups there has been much discussion by which the project group has received decision-making powers from the steering group.

Decisions could then be made immediately without any form of bureaucracy. The steering group was only meant as a ‘referee’and to the present has not yet been consulted. This speeded up the process considerably. ‘Standard’solutions have also been adopted. Each organisation is unique in itself and adds value in its own way to its processes. Does one wants to see this reflected in the implementation or can the standard be used?

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