Client Case Introduction I

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Air Conditioning Compressor Company from Guangdong Province

We are the largest domestic manufacturer of air conditioners. In our production, there is an important process problems which is always troubled us, which is seriously affected the quality of internal grinding machines and our production schedules. Currently, the market does not solve our problem with proper cnc equipment.

Shenyang Hermos takes just four months’ time, especially for this process puzzle, develops a special cnc machine. After using this cnc grinder, the results fully meet the technological requirements of Japanese production lines. Not only played a good role for us to solve the technological problems but also for us to reduce product waste, improve processing efficiency.

We are ready to purchase one more unit if we expand production next year. In the future we will also be happy to invite technicians of Shenyang Hermos with more technical communications and solve our production process bottlenecks. We sincerely recommend Shenyang Hermos CNC grinding machines and internal grinding machines.


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