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Climate Change Adaptation in Grenada. Water Resources, Coastal Systems and Renewable Energy

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This study serves as a starting point for the development of a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation programmes for Grenada and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The study focuses on three priority areas: water resources, coastal ecosystems and renewable energy systems. It identifies the best potential courses of action to hedge for and adapt to these critical impact areas. Chapter two outlines the comprehensive assessment and analytical process followed in evaluating the impacts of climate change in Grenada and the selection of the three critical priority areas. Chapter three assesses the quantity and quality of water in the Northern Grenada watersheds and offers options for the design of an efficient architecture for storage of water for communities in the northern part of the island during floods and droughts in light of the projections for changes in rainfall patterns. It contains recommendations in relation to minimization of costs, enhancement of the efficiency of the water system, and use of appropriate green technologies in this field. Chapter four provides an assessment of the current status and the major factors affecting coastal ecosystems. Chapter five presents the current status of energy sources for medical and community centres in Grenada and their ability to provide the necessary services to communities during and after a disaster. Chapters six and seven contain a summary of the conclusions, recommendations and policy options for integrating climate change into national development planning.

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