Climate Change and Biodiversity

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On two counts this is a book which I would not normally have rushed out to buy. I generally dislike books that are compilations of a range of short specialist articles. Few editors are capable of co-ordinating the disparate pieces into one readable and comprehensive whole. My second negative criticism is, ‘not yet another book on global warming’- for surely this is the most over-written and published topic in science today. 

However, Yale has produced an attractive package with clear text and presentation, and in the majority of instances comprehensible figures (mainly maps and graphs), so that one is drawn to read between the covers. And what a relief, this proves to be an interesting, serious and useful collection of essays, not one yet again urging us to stop air travel and all other forms of conjectured anthropogenically generated climate change. The 24 informative chapters, interposed with 11 case studies, provide an authoritative insight into the intimidating effects which climate change can, and will, make upon our natural biodiversity.

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