Climate change and clean tech at the heart of US-China deals

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US-China deals attempt to play a proactive role in upcoming international climate change negotiations. Obama and Hu Jintao announced more than $45 billion in exports deals yesterday, with more than two-thirds of them involving energy efficiency, carbon reduction and cleantech solutions. With the state visit of China's President Hu Jintao in its second day, climate change and clean techn have emerged as one of the bright spots of the visit of Hu Jintao to Washington. The White House is helping to orchestrate a number of high-profile clean tech deals to coincide with the trip.

The joint statement from the White House and China said, 'The United States and China are actively cooperating on a wide range of security, economic, social, energy, and environmental issues which require deeper bilateral engagement and coordination.' Obama also praised a number of bilateral agreements between the two countries, insisting good progress was being made on the US-China Clean Energy Research Center that was proposed last year.

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