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Climate change and human insecurity

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Recently, the question of link or the relationship between the global climate change and the level of economic activity becomes the major issue and comes to the focal point of research. In this study, we try to find out the linkage between environment and economic growth. Let us consider a certain level of income, up to which one may reasonably expect high green house gas-intensive income growth to affect adversely the climate globally. But beyond a critical level, climatic degradation may, in principle, reach a stage where further income growth becomes difficult. Thus, the human race faces the economic as well as social insecurity due to climate change. Climate may act as a constraint to income growth at this latter stage if the greenhouse gas-intensive income growth process is continued. Thus, the global economy faces a serious challenge from the global climate change. To save the world economy or in other way to protect humanity, proper environmental policy should be adopted at appropriate time such that we may control the vulnerability of the climate change.

Keywords: climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, economic growth, environmental policy, human security, income growth

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