Climate Change Central Develops Nitrogen Quantification Protocols with ClimateCHECK

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Climate Change Central is a unique public-private partnership that promotes the development of innovative responses to global climate change. The organization helps Alberta businesses, governments and other stakeholders work together to pursue greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

In 2007, Climate Change Central was collaborating with Alberta Environment, an international agricultural product supplier, to implement North America’s fi rst offset system for a regulated jurisdiction. As a result, Climate Change Central needed to develop quantifi cation protocols without the benefi t of historical precedence—but while under the intense scrutiny of the emerging carbon market. Climate Change Central engaged ClimateCHECK to provide a technical background document for Alberta Environment’s proposed offset quantifi cation protocol. ClimateCHECK was chosen for its previous work in developing successful agricultural quantifi cation protocols for the Alberta Offsets System.

In addition, ClimateCHECK was a main author of ISO 14064-2 International Standard for GHG Projects, and a main contributor to WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol for Project Accounting. ClimateCHECK also advises offset program development for a major participant in the voluntary greenhouse gas credit market. With this expertise and experience, ClimateCHECK was able to provide credible, practical, and innovative GHG management solutions to Climate Change Central.

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