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Climate change impacts on coastal urban settlements in Nigeria

This study investigates the possible impact of climate change on the coastal cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt using the Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change (MAGICC-SCENGEN) and geographical information system (GIS) interpolation techniques. The results confirm that sea level rise may occur with a consequence of submerging all coastal cities of the Niger delta area and a larger part of Lagos. The parts left un-submerged may face the risk of incessant flooding. These will also disrupt communications, damage vital infrastructures and affect urban settlements along the coast. The study establishes that precipitation variability with increased temperature will have serious impacts on the social-economic state of the people living in the coastal cities of Nigeria. The projected impact of this on environmental stability and life in the coastal urban settlements of Nigeria is better imagined than experienced.

Keywords: climate variability, climate change, coastal settlements, sea level rise, Nigeria, sea levels, geographical information systems, GIS, flooding risk, precipitation variability, temperature increases, costal cities, social-economic impact, floods

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