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Climate Change-Induced Water Scarcity: A Threat to Human Health

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Climate change might affect the development of water scarcity least in some areas of the world. Water scarcity means not only the availability but also the quality of water and sanitation. Climate change might reduce the capacity of the state to provide health care to the population. Thereby, climate change has direct and indirect impacts on human security and hence health effects may result from (climate change induced) water scarcity. Mainly developing countries will be affected by water scarcity due to their population increase. Water scarcity may lead to a reduction of institutional resources and thereby to a lack in the health care system. Therefore, climate change causes different factors which may promote local and/or transnational conflicts. This impacts the human security and health. Even though climate change is not the only reason for water scarcity, it may affect political and social conflicts and has thereby impact on populations’ health.

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