Climate Change Interview with Chivas Regal - Pernod Ricard


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Europe's leading event on corporate strategies to combat climate change will address how company's can develop strategies to mitigate their carbon footprint and how they can communicate these actions to their consumers. The event continues to draw leading brands to share best practice strategies on how to reduce their environmental footprints.

Here John Fender, HSE Specialist at Chivas Brothers- Pernod Ricard discussing the challenges and benefits they found in addressing their impact on climate change.

What was the most interesting thing you learned from looking at supply chain efficiency?

Initially, there was a clear feeling of skepticism when the idea of ‘greening’ the supply chain was mooted to key suppliers in as much as “what are you our customer aiming to get out of this – squeezing the margins further, probably?” Once explained that there was mutual benefit to be secured through this initiative some concern remained that this was a rouse. Only when an independent intermediary commenced their review of supplier’s operations coupled with a demonstration of our in-house efficiency-gains did the project begin to gel.

Is it possible to influence suppliers to go green?

Most certainly. Once ‘buy-in’ is secured, and you could argue that this is reasonably easy to achieve due to large companies having good levels of influence and resources to facilitate such a project, the ‘leap of faith’ is taken and the deliverables start rolling in. The culture-change embarked upon will continually derive business benefits providing leadership is maintained.

What are the benefits of taking this kind of early action on climate change?

Morally, the benefits are being able to ‘sleep at night’ in the knowledge that you actually understand the environmental impacts being created by your business and that by implementing some fundamental improvements you are making a difference. Financially, the benefits can be startling – believe me. If Accountants could dream, this would be at the top. No longer will the ‘bean-counters’ be banging on about managing stocks appropriately or keeping transport costs down by maximizing pay-load but the culture being fostered will now be the vehicle for this. This really is win, win, win – the customer, the business and most certainly the environment.

What do you hope to get out of Corporate Climate Response London?

Being able to share case study achievements that resulted in improved Environmental Management and potential savings way in excess of £2M with those movers and shakers who’ve signed-up to arresting climate change by attending conference, will demonstrate that Chivas Brothers – Pernod Ricard are keen to share learning’s and that they’re wholly committed to managing the environmental impact created by their business processes throughout the globe.

Meet John at Corporate Climate Response in London May 29-31

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