Climate Change Interview with Manchester City Football Club


Courtesy of Green Power Conferences Ltd.

Manchester City Football Club is making history with its answer to reducing CO2 emissions. The club is building the UK’s largest land-based wind turbine that will power the stadium as well as some local residents. The project is expected to save the equivalent of the total CO2 emissions from 2,000 homes.

Pete Bradshaw is social responsibility manager for the club and is in charge of the SportCity turbine project that is being provided by Ecotricity. Here Pete tells us a bit about why the Sky Blues are going green. Both Pete and Ecotricity are speaking at our upcoming Corporate Climate Response event which takes place May 29-31 at the CBI Conference Centre.

Why did you decide to become the first wind-powered football stadium?

We had considered a range of energy options around renewables and sustainability and wind energy constantly came up as our best option and the one that proved economically viable. We also found a visionary, exciting, responsible and ethical partner in its development and operation.

What are some of the challenges of using wind energy?

The challenges include embracing local planning needs and issues, ensuring liaison with local people, achieving a workable capital and operating contract, and reassurance around ‘downtime’ and confidence in continuous supply.

What do you see as the benefits?

The benefits are that Manchester City will be able to promote the importance of renewable energy from a high profile and iconic location/venue. And for our business partners, stakeholders, sponsors and fans, this is a continuing confirmation that our Club is responsible, dynamic and positive about Manchester and our planet.

What do you hope to get out of Corporate Climate Response London?

I hope that Manchester City will be recognised as a good practitioner of environmental management and that there will be opportunities to network with a range of people and organisations from various industries and sectors.

Meet Pete at Corporate Climate Response in London May 29-31

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