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Mobile phone operator O2 is moving on to the next stage of climate response and focusing on reducing its carbon footprint across its supply chain. The company has been an early adopter of global warming action and believes that reducing energy consumption is critical to building a sustainable business.

Here, Environment Manager Helen Wright tells us more about O2’s actions. She will be presenting more on carbon footprint and supply chain management at the upcoming Corporate Climate Response event which takes place May 29-31 at the CBI Conference Centre.

What was the most surprising thing you learned from measuring O2’s carbon footprint?

The preliminary assessment of O2’s GHG emissions highlighted the significance of electricity consumption in the company’s carbon footprint. Around 95% of O2 UK’s corporate emissions are produced from electricity consumption with the amount of energy required to run our network making up for 80% of our electricity consumption. With the anticipated expansion of the retail estate and network, and the additional energy requirements of 3G, O2’s CO2 footprint will continue to rise if no action is taken.

What are you doing with this knowledge?

We are working with key players in our supply chain, particularly to consider the area of energy conservation, in a climate of rapidly rising fuel costs. We are hoping to reduce power consumption, CO2 emission reduction, optimise number of base stations, toxic battery materials reduction, usage of solar cells if power connection is high and the use of air flow cooling as opposed to air conditioning.

We are currently involved in a project that will gives us the consumption profile of all our different cell site types enabling us to reduce power consumption.

What are the benefits from taking this action?

The benefits include optimizing power consumption, optimizing equipment space and weight, optimizing visual impact and delivering financial savings. All of these contribute to delivering a sustainable business.

What do you hope to get out of Corporate Climate Response London?

I am hoping to benchmark with other like minded companies and share best practice.

Meet Helen at Corporate Climate Response in London May 29-31

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