`Climate Change Mitigation Strategies,` presented at EUEC 2008

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Courtesy of Trinity Consultants

Workshop Agenda

  • Part I Emerging Stakeholder & Regulatory Pressures
    • Latest news on stakeholder initiatives
    • Insights from the Carbon Disclosure Project
    • Critical new regulatory/permitting pressures under NSR
  • Part II Effective Use of Carbon Trading
    • Voluntary versus compliance carbon market
    • Critical design elements for a carbon trading program
    • Important factors in generating credits
    • Building a carbon portfolio
  • Part III Strategy Discussion
    • Carbon mitigation strategy key points

Shareholder Resolutions

  • Shareholder resolutions are being filed on climatechange issues
    • Seeking management awareness and acknowledgement
    • Requesting assessment of the issue by the company
    • Recommending enhanced disclosure/reporting and emissionreductions
    • Noting opportunities for operational improvement andfinancial/legal risks for not addressing the issue
  • 32 resolutions were filed in 2006, 12 resolutionswithdrawn based on agreements with receivingcompanies
  • 39 resolutions were filed in 2007

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