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Climate Change - Right response for the wrong reasons?

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Simple questions don’t always have simple answers. Why is our climate warming? Clearly the most popular answer lies in the theory that a rise in greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide is escalating the atmosphere’s insulating effect. We have Al Gore’s graph of CO2 increases to prove it, with recent years’ data climbing ladder high off the chart in his dramatic depiction in “An Inconvenient Truth”.


The problem with a nicely fitting theory is that it’s so nice and well known that it tends to preclude the adherents - both its creators and those who have adopted it - from being completely open minded. There can be an unintended focus on the facts that fit, - in seeing the data in terms of the theory - and ignoring those messy bits that don’t fit.

Understanding the details of the climate change debate is not for the faint hearted. The general public is largely left out simple because the science is not easy to digest and you need to be interested enough to follow the various paths along which the scientific community is traveling in their research. This means that for most people their knowledge of the issues is filtered through that fountain of proxy information – the media, via people whose opinions and ideas have been subjectively selected and then amplified on our behalf.

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