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Climate change risks and opportunities for the South African Economy case study


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Camco developed a report assessing the implications of climate change for the South African economy, based on an analysis of national, regional and global mitigation measures.

The report, entitled ‘Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the South African Economy’, has attracted considerable policy maker and media attention in South Africa, and argues that climate change has moved from an issue of environmental concern to one of commercial significance, with the potential impacts for the country now far-ranging in scope.

For South Africa these potential impacts include shifts in retailer and consumer preferences to low carbon alternatives, concerns related to how carbon regulation both nationally and globally may affect industry, through to market opportunities in a host of clean energy technologies.

The research argues that proactive management of climate change by business and industry is desirable. Action is also required over and above concerns related to the introduction of climate change regulation at a national level - indeed, for many sectors of the economy, significant threats and opportunities to business lie outside the realm of regulatory mechanisms, in the form of global supply chains, investor relations, reputational issues and the growing demand for low carbon goods and services.

Under this initiative Camco has undertaken extensive engagements with private sector industry bodies, national government, labour unions and civil society organisations in South Africa to discuss the research findings and consider the further implications for domestic climate change policy.

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