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Climate change, urbanisation and hydrological impacts

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This paper is a review of recent studies that addressed the hydrological impacts, especially on streamflow, of climate change and/or urbanisation. Articles published between 1996 and 2002 on this subject were reviewed focusing on research methods and results. The main issues addressed with regard to research methods include development of climate change and urbanisation scenarios, assessment of urbanisation, hydrological models, and geographical scale. With regard to the results of studies, combined impact of climate change and urbanisation, linearity of runoff response, and impact on flood were addressed. Overall, there has been significant development in this area, and much of it can be attributed to technological advances. Modelling tools for climate change and urbanisation are becoming more reliable and popular. More studies need to be performed about the combined impact of climate change and urbanisation, and the linearity of runoff response for the theoretical development in this area.

Keywords: climate change, urbanisation, streamflow, runoff response, hydrological impact, flood impact, geographical scale, modelling

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