ClorTec® Case Study - New Brighton Merseyside

United Utilities PLC was created from the merger of North West Water and Norweb in November 1995. Its principal activities are managing and operating the regulated electricity distribution, water and wastewater networks in North West England, a region with a population of around 7 million.  After evaluating treatment options, United Utilities decided to install an on-site sodium hypochlorite generating system to meet their disinfection needs.

System Details

The ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system is approved for potable water within the UK and is compliant with ATEX requirements. The unit produces 5.4 Kg per day of chlorine equivalent using salt, water and electricity as its raw materials.  The system operates by feeding softened water into a brine dissolver. The salt dissolves to form a brine solution, which is further diluted to the desired salt solution.  The salt solution is then passed through the electrolytic cell(s), which apply a low voltage DC current to the brine to produce the sodium hypochlorite. The sodium hypochlorite is then safely stored in a day tank and, when it reaches the low-level set point, the system automatically restarts to replenish its supply. The unit typically requires operator visits once a week in order to keep salt levels topped up in the brine tank.

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