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Ballistic separators are a standard when sorting “co-mingled waste”. Even 20 years ago various experiments were carried out to try and imitate the ballistic effect with other machines.

Until now the sorting quality and efficiency of the ballistic separator has not been achieved in any of the experiments with tilted conveyor belts, disk screens, banana screens, star screens and suchlike.

Ballistic pre-sorting for “co-mingled waste” is state of the art. The BALL-SORT HT achieves a sorting rate of up to 98% with throughputs of up to 150m³/h.

The “rolling fraction” (bottles, canisters, tetra paks, cans etc.) can be separated into the individual components without further handling. Ferrous metals are separated using magnets and non ferrous metals using an eddy current separator.

The “flat fraction” (foil, paper, textiles) are usually re-sorted by hand. Foils and textiles are removed. By sorting out cardboard packaging, the waste paper fraction is D39 quality.

In the past the procedure for “co-mingled waste” sorting included upstream drum screens to prepare the material for the ballistic separator. With the introduction of our BALL-SORT HT machines with 10 screen paddles this step can be missed out completely.

This is not only more cost effective, it also saves space in the system and lowers the energy consumption.

Already two plants with 160m³/h (80.000t/a) throughput each were set up completely with just ballistic separators in the pre-sorting phase.

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