CO2 emissions performance of car manufacturers in 2011


Courtesy of European Environment Agency (EEA)

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is supporting the European Commission in the monitoring of the CO2 performance of passenger cars, in accordance with the Regulation (EC) 443/2009. This Regulation sets an emission target for new passenger cars for the year 2015 (130 g CO2/km) — phased in from 2012 — and for the year 2020 (95 g CO2/km). Starting from 2012, a specific binding CO2 target is calculated for each manufacturer every year based on the average mass of its fleet (Annex 1). In July 2012, the Commission proposed to amend the regulation with a view to defining the modalities for reaching the 2020 target to reduce CO2 emissions from new passenger cars.

For evaluating the progress of manufacturers towards their targets, the EEA is collecting and quality checking data on CO2 emissions from passenger cars registered in all Member States of the European Union since 2010. Using the Member State data, this note provides an overview of the performance of cars manufacturers in meeting their CO2 emissions targets.

Data collected reveal that in 2011 the majority of the car manufacturers are already well on track to achieve the CO2 emission target set for 2012.

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