CO2 injection at pepsi plant using membrane technology




For the past 18 months, we have used a new, highly efficient membrane technology for beverage carbonation.

Coupled with mass flow measurement and PLC control, we achieve straightline carbonation performance under typical filler start-stop conditions. (sude #1) Accuracy is typically 0.25% of C02 setpoint as measured at the outlet of the system. This is equivalent te +1- .01 C02 volumes for a 4.0 volume beverage.

This performance leve) is a signhficant improvement over other carbonation technologies which report accuracies ranging from 1.0% to 2.5% of C02 setpoint.

To fully describe this development (s!ide #2), 1 wiIl briefly summarize our background requirements, discuss processing system design, explain the new membrane technology, and conclude with performance data.




Our background needs required supply of an automated mix processor capable of deaerating, carbonating, and blending to satisfy (sude #3) a filler speed of 1,250 x 12 oz cans per minute (7,032 GPH) on a 72-valve can filler with capability to cccl from 85° to 38°F in order te produce the highest quality product possible. (Sude #4) The system was to be PLC-controlled. and fully integrated with the syrup room, filler, and depalletizer operation to enable (sude #5) automatic rapid changeover and maximum materials yield.

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