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CO2 monitoring for Kerry Foods - Case Study


Courtesy of QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

How the company operates

The Kerry Foods plant processes food ingredients, such as fruit conserves and confectionery sauces, which are stored and distributed in 2000 tanks. Each tank is monitored regularly for patterns of CO2 build-up. Although CO2 levels may rise to above 1% with some foods, such as strawberry or peach, higher levels can give an early indication of a problem. This may be simply due to a tank being overfilled, but high CO2 could also indicate yeast or mould contamination.

Gas monitoring

Kerry Foods now uses Geotech's CO2 analyser, the G100.  Gas is monitored through a connection at the top of each tank.  A regulator and moisture trap are used to protect the analyser against the headspace pressure and humidity.

Calibration is checked twice a day, using 1% CO2 calibration cylinders and zeroing with nitrogen.  This ensures that the readings for the 100 tanks a day are accurate.

Jo Ware, Deputy Quality Manager, says:

'The G100 is easy to use, very quick and accurate.  We have had other CO2 analysers in the past but this is by far the most portable due to its size.'

Customer comments

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