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Coating of Plastic Granules - case study


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In order to increase the production output of extruders and injection moulding machines, the flow and processing characteristics of plastic granules have to be modified.

Especially for polyamides (PA) and polystyrene (PS) this occurs by means of powdering (coating) with powder additives. In doing so, two different methods are common. The pure dry mixing of plastic granules with the powder additives and the moistening of plastic granules with liquid binding agents / powder additives. With both methods it is necessary to create an extremely homogenous end-product with very high repeatability, in order to guarantee a sustained product quality, as any deviation in quality immediately shows up as a flaw in the surface during the down-stream processing in the extruder or the injection moulding machine.

The AVA horizontal mixers of type HTC (batch operation) and HTK (continuous operation) achieve best results in terms of homogeneity under high throughput performance. As the mixing and retention times in the mixers are very short, a fast moistening of all plastic granules with the binding agent and additives without product damage is vital. For this reason the machines are adapted to the corresponding customer’s requirements and are designed for gentle or turbulent mixing.

This machine optimisation enables AVA’s customer’s high quality requirements to be achieved superbly for both processes.

The high availability of the AVA mixers and the constant extremely good qualities of the intermediate and end products are the guaranteed advantages in daily operation for the benefit of our customers.

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