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Coca cola restores system in Salvador


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PRYEASA de C.V. has introduced into the Salvadorian market a new bacteria product called AquaClean used for the treatment of industrial, agricultural, and municipal wastewaters.

The Eco Plant of Nixapa Coca Cola has experienced much success with the utilization of the AquaClean bacteria.

In the photograph is the gentleman in the white shirt, Ing. Danilo Juárez, Head of plant maintenance, Mr. Daren Hezberg, president of VITUSA Corp, the manufacturer of Aqua Clean and Ing. Roberto Calderón Avelar, Director of PRYEASA de C.V., the exclusive representatives for AquaClean in El Salvador.

Ing Juárez proclaims 'we have increased the efficiency of our activated sludge system to more than 90% with the use of AquaClean,in conjuction with a reduction of organic loading to the system as well as the application of a heavy weight flocculant. The efficiency levels now being attained have never before been achieved with the use of other bacterial products in our treatment process.”

The efficiency levels of the plant were increased from 65.5% to 99.5% during the initial Aqua Clean application period of only 15 days during the month of June 2000.

The production staff at Eco Planta Coca Cola initiated an integral program to make the manufacture process cleaner in response to an increase in production as well as ongoing environmental concerns to protect the Salvadorian environment..

As a result, waste discharge to the sludge treatment plant was reduced by 50%, which in combination with the application of AquaClean, allowed the plant to achieve full operating capacity and water quality objectives.

The above actions have eliminated the need for additonal, costly investment in plant infrastructure. As an alternative strategy for plant optimization, both technical and financial, the staff at Eco Planta 'Nixapa' Coca Cola were able to demonstrate that through the use of AquaClean, they managed to significantly reduce operating costs of the plant and improve efficiency to levels of compliance resulting in a positive environmental impact for the company.

WHAT IS AquaClean?

AquaClean is a consortium of live bacteria cultures, suspended in a liquid medium of hydrogen sulfate that maintains the bacteria in an inactive state up to 5 years. Aqua Clean is manufactured in the United States and is approved by the USDA. It is non toxic nor pathogenic to humans, animals, fish, plants or the natural environment in general. It is a completely natural product whose bacteria are naturally occuring in the environment and are responsible for the decomposition of organic matter in nature.

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