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Cocopeat Biofiltration Systems

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A cocopeat biofilter system is a low-cost and low-maintenance on-site wastewater treatment solution that is modular in design and applicable for residential, institutional and commercial establishments. The system can be designed to passively treat septic tank effluent to meet secondary treatment levels. For residential use, the biofilter unit consists of a relatively small watertight plastic box and a specially selected andblended coco-based medium. The design allows it to treat up to 1,000 liters (2 modules) of wastewater daily, which is equivalent to the average household wastewater generation in the Philippines. Effluent can be distributed to the biofilter unit either by gravity or through a pressurized piping network using a small effluent pump. Larger flows can be accommodated by adding modules or custom designing a larger filter.

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