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ColArt select Autoscribe Matrix customer feedback system case study


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Headquartered in Middlesex, England, ColArt has been distributing arts supplies into more than 120 countries from 14 distributors worldwide since 2001. With a turnover on average of £130 million a year, ColArt aim to provide quality and consistent service through sustained commitment and investment. Their key aim is for global structure and control to achieve scale economies, efficiencies and competitiveness.

As a world-wide group with products distributed from 12 sites, when delivery issues arose customers would complain to source. No group overview of the issues would be detailed however and problems would continually arise. Due to this many complaints would go un-answered, with no corrective actions in place to improve service. Lots of time would be used in dealing with frequent issues due to a lack of trend analysis. ColArt sought a solution to improve group visibility of issues and to progress the monitoring of internal and external actions leading to a massive reduction in turnaround time.

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