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Collaborative research: the Australian experience

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A significant feature of R&D activity in Australia is that the majority of resources are directed towards the early stages of R&D, rather than the later stages, which are more closely linked with commercialisation. Government agencies and universities perform around 60% of Australia's R&D and about 85% of this is concentrated in the research stage, rather than the development stage. As a result of this situation, basic research dominates research effort by a ratio of 2:1. A government initiative that has been put in place to address this issue is the Co-operative Research Centres (CRC) Program. The paper provides an overview of the program to date and discusses empirical evidence from CRCs. There is evidence presented to support the case for a further review of the program, especially where there are good commercialisation prospects for the R&D, but no significant evidence of spillovers occurring to other agents.

Keywords: co-operative research centres, collaborative research and development

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