College Graduation Trends for Environment-related Programs 2002-2005


Courtesy of ECO Canada

Environmental employers are finding it increasingly difficult to hire due to growth in the sector. By 2011, environmental employment is expected to reach over 570,000, an increase of 8.1% since 2006. Employment in the environment sector is expected to grow 23% faster than the national average, estimated at 6.6% over the same time period. With increasing demand, it is invaluable for employers and policy makers to understand labour supply trends. This report focuses on one traditional source of labour supply: graduates from college programs. Data from provincial and territorial educational agencies, and individual colleges were analyzed for this report.

This study is part of a broader research project pertaining to ECO Canada’s Environmental Labour Market (ELM) research. ELM research is aimed at improving our understanding of the demand for and supply of human resources in the environmental sector in Canada.

Environment-related programs, however, seem to be following an opposite trend. Our analysis shows that enrolment and graduation numbers for some environment-related programs were in decline prior to 2003.

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