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Colloidal sludge - case study


Courtesy of Aqseptence Group GmbH

YEAR: 2003


N° and MACHINERY MODEL EMPLOYED: 1  JETFILTER RH 1000.70 Diemme® Filtration

The customer is a company that produces ceramic pastes, requiring the dewatering of ceramic barbotine, a colloidal material which is difficult to dewater.

It already had a filter press that did not have the necessary filtration reliability and efficiency. Different filtration technologies were researched and the customer contacted many filter press manufacturers.

Bilfinger Water Technologies was the only company that was able to design a tailor-made solution able to dewater such a difficult product.

The Jetfilter Diemme® Filtration filter press  design supplied in that case is now used in other applications involving very viscous products that result in adhesive cakes that are very hard to discharge.

This plant, thanks to patented product injection and filtering cloth handling systems, is totally automatic and able to grant a residual moisture level lower then 20%.

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