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Column studies to determine mercury settling in road runoff

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A study was performed using a settling column to remove mercury (Hg) from road runoff. The emphasis was placed on the relationship between Hg removal and critical settling velocities, as well as the distribution of total suspended solids (TSS). The impact of rainfall characteristics and temperature on Hg removal was also discussed. Results indicated that Hg removal was significant within the initial 30 min of the settling process. The Hg removal rate increased with the decrease of critical settling velocity, and this trend became gradually significant, which could be used as an important reference for the optimization of sedimentation basin design. Hg removal at different settling times was significantly related to initial distribution of TSS. The impact of rainfall intensity on Hg removal was greater than other parameters of precipitation features, followed by rainfall. In addition, Hg removal was moderately related to temperature. The effect of antecedent dry periods on Hg removal was restricted by rainfall and rainfall intensity.

Keywords: mercury, removal, road runoff, settling

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