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Combining Socio-Technical and Ethical DImensions of Flood Risk Mitigation

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The aim of the current research was to develop a methodology that combines social, technical and ethical dimensions for flood risk assesment and evaluation of flood mitigation measures. A unique combination of scientific, social and ethical approach was developed to fulfil the objectives . Social justice criteria were developed with the purpose to assess in qualitative and quantitative way the selection of the preferred or apropiate mititgation measures. The methodology developed, 'Flood Risk Mitigation within the Context of Socia Justice', enables active stakeholder participation during the whole method to facilitate empowered participation in the decision making processes. Giving priority to stakeholders'participation allows: to have local knowledge about the nature of flood risk and to adentify the most vulnerable people facing floods. Tools of hydroinformatics are used not only to carry out scientific information but also to explain how each mitigation alternative works, showing its social side. After the alternatives are presented clearly to stakeholders in the decision making process, they are able to decide the level of flood risk that are willing to face taking informed decisions. Making the process open transparency is achieved, which is understood as clear economic investment and the mitigation measures are oriented to improve the quality of life of those affected by floods.

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