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Combining thermal treatment with MNA at a brownfield DNAPL site



A heavily contaminated Brownfields site in New York was remediated and redeveloped using a combination of In-Situ Thermal Desorption and Monitored Natural Attenuation. Four source areas were addressed by the thermal technology, and groundwater beneath the site is undergoing natural attenuation. Approximately 86,000 lbs of volatile organics were extracted and treated on-site. The performance of the thermal remedy was documented by the collection of soil samples from 51 locations. All areas met the negotiated cleanup standard after thermal treatment. Monitoring of redox-sensitive groundwater parameters and the concentration of VOCs in groundwater shows continued natural attenuation. Three of the seven monitoring wells at the site show concentrations below their respective NYSDEC Class GA groundwater standards. Based on current trends, it is anticipated that the remaining wells may meet these standards within 5 or 10 years. The site is now redeveloped and the location of a large home-improvement store and a federal credit union branch.

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