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Comfort and safety


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Type HOFGAS® - Ready/C 300 
Commissioning 2004
Site Moncorneil (FR)

Moncorneil is a medium-sized landfill near Toulouse. A heating boiler is to be operated with landfill gas and the acquired heat is used for leachate treatment. In view of the complete landfill design the customer demands a container construction with remote monitoring of the plant.  

Technical Requirements

  • Disposal of 300 Nm3/h landfill gas
  • Container construction
  • High-temperature flare
  • Explosion protection and safety concept
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Gas analysis CH4, O2, CO2
  • Remote monitoring and alarm

Using the compact degassing equipment HOFGAS® - Ready the landfill is degassed and the landfill gas processed for recycling.The gas analysis HOFGAS® - Assay continually measures and monitors the composition of the gas. Degassing equipment and gas analysis are installed in one 10” container. There is also a methane detector inside the container, which activates forced ventilation if required. Current data and fault reports are forwarded directly to the customer via the Clip System. The software supplied allows the plant to be monitored from a PC.
Client’s Benefits

  • Container construction for more comfort
  • Remote monitoring of the plant with alarm function
  • Gas analysis for controlled degassing
  • Reduction in landfill gas emissions (active environment protection)
  • Safe disposal of landfill gas


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