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Coming in from the cold - A case study on trouble-shooting in Russia

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Consultant: Andy Ive

After the disastrous Komi oil spill of the 1990's, the legislative requirements for a new onshore construction plant of four oil wells to transport into an existing infrastructure line in the late 1990’s were always going to be tough. The project, based west of the Urals on the north coast of Russia, had the added hazards of permafrost with temperatures down to minus 55°C.

The challenge

With a complex legislative system, extreme climactic conditions with temperatures down to below minus 50, challenging access issues and the need to prevent spills, attaining start up certificates for a new onshore plant initially seemed something like Russian roulette. Andy Ive turned the gamble into a certainty and developed effective solutions for all the inherent problems.

All round experience

Brought in as environmental manager for the project, Andy Ive was tasked with co-ordinating the engineering response to the dossier for start-up

With over 30 years diverse engineering experience Andy was able to trouble-shoot and help out in many other areas of the project, eventually becoming HSE manager, instrumentation (metering) engineer, technical library manager, head of translations and lead engineer for Russian certification.

A successful operation

With all IVE’s recommendations and systems in place, start-up certification was given; the plant was built and is now fully operational. More importantly, this was achieved without any of the potential environmental disasters it could easily have faced.

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