Commercial - Area 5, Italy - Case Study


Courtesy of NCH UK Ltd

Problem with high levels of FOG in wastewater resulting in the need for frequent pumping and emptying of the grease trap, which has been dramatically reduced using a BioAmp.

Area 5 is the new washing station for commercial, industrial, construction vehicles and tourism buses. It’s modern equipment is in line with the most rigorous regulatory requirements regarding control, hygiene certification and environmental respect. The washing station area 5 is managed by a group of operators that together - united by a strong collaborative spirit - face and solve your needs with efficiency and punctuality.

Heavy vehicles

External and internal washing of any type of vehicle: industrial, commercial, construction, and tourism buses.


External and internal washing and drying. Heating system that maintains the temperature of alimentary liquids..


The dumping of greases and oils in the traps before entering in the waste water treatment, caused the need of frequently drain and pumping operation.


Working in partnership with the Washing Station Management Team NCH suggests the installation of our Unique Patented Bio Generator for the digestion of fats in the grease traps.


Area 5 reports that it is now reducing of 30% the number of drain maintenance to keep the traps free of grease, saving about 18.000 € per year.

The Company owner, Mr. Gianfranco recommends the use of Bio Amp to all the Washing station for heavy vehicles of alimentary liquids.

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